The ESG approach is an integral component of our investment strategy

Our ESG convictions

Seeking equity stories that are both meaningful and useful.

Aiming for sustainable value creation in our portfolio companies by accelerating their transformation and ensuring its durability.

Working on two indissociable components:
the financial component and
the extra-financial (ESG) component.

Our approach is based on 7 priorities


Our approach is collective
and long term.


Our approach is collaborative and geared to co-construction
with the managers of our portfolio companies.


Our approach is defined in agreement with
the managers of our portfolio companies.


Our approach is pragmatic: measurable objectives
are set for each stake.


Our approach is structured and subject to decision making
and monitoring processes.


Our approach is evolutive: we strengthen our
understanding and our expertise with each investment. 


Our approach is committed: we announce our ESG commitment clearly and take part in promoting ESG values,
notably by signing the Charter of Commitments of Investors for Growth (France Invest), the Charter to promote gender equality in Private Equity and in companies (France Invest) and the Partner Investors’ Charter of France Investissement.

Our ESG policy

The mechanisms for taking account of ESG criteria in the Company’s investment and risk management policy were put in place in 2015.

Our ESG approach is based on three key stages: pre-investment due diligence; presentation to the Investment Committee of the ESG risks, opportunities and stakes associated with the proposed investment; and post-investment monitoring of objectives, actions plans and progress.

These procedures are coordinated by an in-house team composed of Rejean Guern (Partner), Charlotte Lepetit (Partner & Corporate Secretary) and Jules Bosser (Investment Manager). The Company has established an ESG Committee composed of two Partners — Rejean Guern and Charlotte Lepetit - and an appointed advisor SIRSA - Yannick Grandjean - which meets annually to monitor, share and coordinate progress on ESG issues with the portfolio companies.

The following documents are available to all subscribers upon request: 

  • an ESG Report prepared annually by the Company in collaboration with an appointed Advisor illustrating our ESG approach; 
  • the quantitative ESG data collected annually from the portfolio companies; 
  • the presentations made to in-house committee meetings.

The simultaneous taking into account of ESG criteria in the investment policy applies to the FCDE II fund, which represents 87% of the total assets managed by the Company at 31 December 2020.